Can I Vape On A Plane?

Can I Vape On A Plane?

Well, vaping isn’t allowed on planes. You cannot vape in international as well as domestic flights. Vaping actually became popular only a decade. The very first device was launched in the market in 2004. So there was lot of confusion regarding the laws related to vaping on planes and in airports. But since vaping has become quite popular of late, there are rules in place which are mostly enforced by the airlines and airports. You need to be aware of these rules to stay away from troubles. There is no uniform law as far as these things are concerned. Also, different airlines have different rules as far as the kind of e-liquids and devices you carry.

Be aware of the laws and regulations

One needs to be aware of the laws and regulations in place. As far as vaping inside the airport is concerned, it is enforced by the airport itself. From what we know, most airports don’t allow vaping inside the terminals. But yes, you can have a quick fix in the designated areas in the airports. We recommend checking the airport rules before you pack e-cigs.

Things to keep in mind

You should keep following things in mind:

  • You need to learn about the regulations which are in place regarding e-cigs. But at the same time, you need to know why they have such restrictions as well.
  • You are not supposed to carry e-cigs in checked bags. You should have it in the carry-on bags while you pass through the security.
  • For the same reason, you are supposed to keep the e-liquid in a plastic bag. This is a must. Having said that this law is common for all sorts of liquids.
  • Another thing that you must keep in mind is that there is a limit to the amount of liquid you can carry. They allow maximum 100ml liquid.
  • Even clearomisers are subjected to leak. Therefore you should empty it before you pack it.
  • You need to have an assessment regarding the amount of liquid you are going to carry. Well, you can buy e-liquid in the destination country as long as it is not banned there. But at the same time it is a tricky process. You should better stay out this.
  • In few foreign countries you have to deal with stricter rules as far as e-cigs are concerned. You should do your research before you head to this destination.
  • You can Google about global laws regarding vaping which will be really helpful.
  • Once you are done with the security checkings, you should wrap them in a paper towel. You should keep them in a sealed container to make sure that it is safe during the travel.
  • The container might break during the travel as there is change in pressure. Given that you should take all the precautions.
  • Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you are not supposed to charge the e-cig batteries during the travel.